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The essential base ingredient for handwoven New Forest Tartan creations is soft and non-itchy high quality British wool (some blended with silk) and British-spun cotton. The hand-weaver uses suppliers who can trace the fibres to source, ensuring quality of supply. It matters where they come from and how its produced.

The hand-weaver takes the raw product and hand dyes the colours in small batches using only natural/plant dyes. Hand-dyeing the wool takes time, longer than usual when using natural dyes, but the results make it worth while.

Consideration for water and energy usage as well as caring for the fibres is also thought about. A microwave provides heat for the dyeing as opposed to gas on the stove as this is more energy efficient, and water is reused where there will be no detriment to the colours to be dyed.

A manual spinner removes excess water and the fibres are then allowed to dry naturally.


Pure wool is easier to care for than many people think, and each piece comes with a care card that gives provenance on one side and how to care for it on the other. A sprig of dried lavender is placed within the tissue wrapped creation, making it the perfect gift.

Please note that sizes may vary slightly, because hand weaving is not an exact science.

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